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Our Mission

Our goal is to provide parents and students with the accountability and the organization of a school, but at the same time our remote campus study gives families the ability to create the perfect learning environment. We offer remote campus study for kindergarten - 12th grade. We offer permanent records for academics and official transcripts. Also available are Academic Advisors and a high school diploma. We are an accredited member of the Florida League of Christian Schools.

We also have created a program for adults who would like to finish their work to receive their High School Diploma."

A ministry of Core Church Ministries

Curriculum choice:

Choose your child's curriculum.

Parents can choose from our Christ-Centered traditional text book curriculum or from our online study program for grades 3-12

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The Park's Prep understands that home-schooling is a great way to help your child learn to the best of their ability.

We take pride in the well being of your child as you give them the best education available with the you, the parent, at the helm.

Florida is second in the United States with 89,821 homeschoolers and North Carolina is 1st with 127,847 .

In the United States there is 1,642,027 homeschoolers.

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